Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Crafty Mind: Binder and Chork-board Arrangement

He's true and I believe in the same way
I do agree with Mr. Soyinka, a Nigerian writer. Looking at others' work can inspire us to do something. To be honest, the reason why I re-make my blog because I saw other's blog and I think I can do something more for my blog, yes..I got inspired by seeing someone's work.

Beside my blog, I also re-Make some of my stuff at home because I got inspired by someone's work. I re-Make  my binder for next semester by covering it with Spiderman-Comic-Gift-Wrap, put a great quote  and great fashion picture behind the front and back cover, and also put my post-its for write down my assignment.
Class wont be so boring anymore! :p
And then, I also re-arrange my chorkboard!

Before the Make Over
The first Phase of Make Over

The Final Result!

and my Cousin's board? yap, designed by me :p
Arranged by ME! ♥

And right now, I am looking for doing something more....