Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fashion Addiction: My Addiction for F21

I had no idea about this collection before. After saw one of Forever21 posts on Instagram, I did lil research about it, include asking @Forever21Indo about that. Too bad, the answer kinda turn me down...


As I mention on the previous post, I have plus size body. I need, at least, size 16 for clothes (XL). F21 in Jakarta has some of their collection in my size but not that much. So I have to find harder to get what i need. I wish one day, F21 Indonesia will have F21+ collection on their nearest store ;)

I did a lil research about F21+, and I am so happy to find some of their 2013 collection. Even though I can't get them all in Indonesia, but at least i have the reference to find the similar style and also reference to mix and match my outfit.

The latest collection named CONCRETE JUNGLE. Combination of rain-forest color, animal print clothes, and edgy accessories make this collection suits with the city exploration..because city is the modern jungle, right?

1. Elephant Parade Necklace
2. City Chick Bandage Skirt
3. Cutout Stiletto Sandals
4. Stepping Out Zippered Top

For their Summer Collection, they named it Desert Daydream which contains almost similar collection but without the animal print. For this collection, we can get along with tribal prints which is more...human..anyway, I do love this collection because of my latest addiction of tribal prints.

1. South Western Skinny Jeans
2. Cutout Geo Bib
3. Cutout Tribal Tank ♥
4. Multi Colored Tribal Scarf

During 2013's Spring, their Sweet in Sherbet offer calmness with the pastel color and fun with the sweet combination with some metallic effect. The color really makes me want to get Baskin Robbins' Rainbow Sherbet :3

1.Striped Longline Sweater
2. Hidden Wedge Sneakers
3. Patent Leatherette Clutch
4. Pink-Grey Sunglasses

I wish i could have enough money to buy them all :p And actually, when F21+ comes to Indonesia, I can be part of it :D