Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fashion Addiction: The Fresh Start

Alhamdulillah, all Moeslem in the world already finished the Ramadhan Kareem 1434H and also already celebrating the first day of Hari Raya. For myself, this Ramadhan is the most productive Ramadhan ever for some reasons and still can't believe that Ramadhan leaving us very quickly this year. Hopefully, we can meet again with 1435's Ramadhan, Amiin.

On the First Syawal, I went to my grandparents' house in Bogor and Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. I decided to wear the dress that I bought at X to X Pondok Indah and also BATA's Nude Wedges that I bought months ago. My mom told me to dress differently this year. Yap, I am not a lady who loves dresses and girly shoes. That's why wore all of those items made me feel like a lady..LOL. My family kinda amazed to see my look at that time. Asymmetrical hair with lady look..yeah..just..not me

On the Third day of Syawal, I went to my Grandfather's graveyard to pray for him and also to but one of Jakarta's Traditional Food that I love: Kerak Telor. 

Best weapons for delicious and tasty Kerak Telor


Then, Me and my parent continue our journey to Pondok Indah Mall to find some books for my Mom's assignment and some clothes And my journey lead me to them
Gren Swimming Googles by ARENA (Available in Gramedia) + Coral Knit Top by Forever 21 + Coral Long Skirt by Forever 21
Feeling...Fishy !

Hello | What?! |Yes, I am Strong!

Basically, I am going to make Syawal as my fresh start. I want to be a much better person for myself and everyone around me. I'm trying new thing to boost my confidence which I need for my future. And my first step to reach it is by dressing up, at least, wearing different kind of outfit that I never thought I wore. Just like what Lao Tze Said:
Confidence is the greatest friend
It's a lie if we don't want to have a great friend, right?! Just because people aren't perfect, that's why we need to have confidence as our friend.  

We can boost our confidence in many ways. Some of my friends join music activity to boost their confidence, my mom joined some extra class to improve her skill and also her confidence, and I choose my own way by dressing up lil bit differently. 

To be honest, I got inspired by some curvy bloggers such as Tanesha Awasthi from Girl With Curves, Nicolette Mason from nicolette mason, and RoJo from Beauti Curve.

I know they are from USA, not Indonesia whose have lot of people with small and normal size body type, so they can be free to explore themselves. I still feel that people in my country will judge someone or mock someone with plus size body. I also believe that it happens to Americans Plus Size Fashion Bloggers too. But they live in a free place and they also born to be free. 

I saw some plus size ladies on magazine and i havent found their blog til today. I wish I can be one of plus size fashion blogger one day that can help me to boost my confidence :)

Be confidence and walk like a boss 8)

Have a great day and enjoy the Hari Raya Holiday :D