Friday, August 2, 2013

Fashion Addiction: My Best Buy

Size doesnt matter
My favorite Style for this month

I have plus size body. I have to wear at least size 16 for top and pants. It's kinda hard to get those on local shop. I have to visit big shop to get all the clothes that I need and I should face the reality that not every kind of clothes has size 16 and above.

Here are the list of my favorite shop and I totally recommend for everyone who has plus size to visit these store:

1. Forever 21 : I love this shop SO MUCH! Eventhough not all of their collection has my size, but i love to visit this store for the atmosphere. Beside the clothes, i do adore their jewellery and shoes! The price is pretty friendly. [Pondok Indah Mall 1 and Grand Indonesia]
2. Giordano : This store offer casual outfit. I love the price range and also the color. My favorites: Their cardigan, their color block tee, and their cropped tee! [Pondok Indah Mall 2 ]
3. X to X: It's local brand. The price is quite similar to F21 and Giordano. They offer from 1X to 8X if im not mistaken. [South Skywalk Pondok Indah Mall ]
4. Marks & Spencer: The prices are quite high, but if you're smart enough to come at special moment, you can get basic outfit with great price. I bought 1 basic long sleeve tee for 199.000 and get one for free (same style,) [Pondok Indah Mall 2, Senayan City ]
5. New Look: Great price with great style! My second option, beside F21, to get the outfit with the latest style. Plus size available. My best found: High Waisted Jeans in my size! [Pondok Indah Mall 1, Senayan City ]

My best find from my favorite stores
1. Flowery Shoes from F21 (size 9) : around 320.000IDR
2. Brown Folk Print Top from New Look (Size 16): around 190.000IDR
3. Spring Jelly Sandal from F21 (size 9): around 160.000IDR
4. Navy High Waisted Jeans from New Look: around 320.000IDR
5. Black Basic Top from M&S: 199.000 IDR
6. Dress from XtoX: around 200.000IDR

Note: I can't found any good picture of my find from Giordano