Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fashion Addiction: What I Wear from Jan to March

Sand Chiffon Shirt (Unbranded) + Green Batik Skirt + Light Nude Wedges (Marie Claire) + Ethnic Necklace (Mom's)+ Grey Purse (Mom's)

For a plus size girl, like me, don't be afraid to wear light color. Some people keep saying to wear black to give your body a slimmer image, but that's just a bull shit! You can't wear dark color everytime! Wear something different is important for a plus girl, confident is sexy, right?! You can't wear dark in every part of your clothes. If you have a big hips like me, put darker color on the bottom. Wear heels or wedges to give you taller image. Your hair is also important, if you're so easy to sweat, make sure you put a nice accessories on your tail ;)

Blue Cardigan (Mom's)+Grey Stripes Top (American Eagle Outfitter)+Pants (XtoX)+ Transparent Pink Jessica Jelly (Ruby)+ Cath Kidston Bag
Be special to wear horizontal lines on your top! It may give you wider look, but be smart by wearing your cardigan, so it won't look that big! Don't forget, walk with your passion and be confident ;)
Dark Blue Cardigan (CottonOn) + Blue Shirt (Unbranded)+Pants (XtoX)+Floral Oxford (Forever 21)+Necklace (Forever 21)
If you're too afraid to wear pattern  on your body, put it somewhere else. Your foot will be happy to have more pattern than your body. 

Long Top (Mom's)+Blue Jegging (Zara)+Transparent Pink Jessica Jelly Shoes (Rubi)+BTR Quote Totebag (@BTRIndonesia)

Totebag is the new big bag! You can wear your favorite totebag or even make it by your own! Design it, ask someone to make it, wear it! You'll look totally..YOU!