Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Not His Story: I'm Feeling (No Longer) Twenty-Two

Taylor Swift's 22 is no longer suited me since I turned 23 yesterday, even-though in my soul, I don't feel like a 23 years old woman...yet. I am so grateful that Allah still allow me to live my life until this very second. I may not got a lot of gifts wrapped in colorful paper, but Allah already give me a lot of thing that more precious that anything even before my birthday, and I can't stop saying Alhamdulillah. 

This woman is 23 now!

Before June 6th 2016, Allah had given me a lot of things. For example; free one night stay at Artotel Thamrin from #UpxArtotelGiveaway (read my experience here), Free Rp100K voucher at Eat and Eat, Korean beauty stuffs from one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Annissa Mawinda from Anisacrament as giveaway prize, and got my lecture approval for thesis (so hopefully i can be graduated this semester, Aamiin) just four days before my birthday. 

Korean Beauty Products+Pouch from Anisacrament | Blishful Products and L.A. Girl Lip Liner are props of mine

Beside a lot of wishes from my family and friends (including one of my favorite plus-size fashion influencer, Aditira a.k.a. Tiraemon on insta!), I got a special birthday cake from my mom which is a Chris Evans cake! YES! There's Chris' face on my birthday cake. I swear to keep his face safe until...God knows when :p. My boyfriend also gave me some birthday presents that I choose, since he don't want to give me something that I don't really like (and need). So, this year, I choose a patch set and a pin set from Stradivarius as the birthday gift from him. Yay for another members of my pin and patch collection!!

Enamel Pins everywhere!!

Birthday Gifts from My Boyfriend


Thanks, Starbucks Barista! Follow me on snapchat: fkrnand

One of my favorite gift is to celebrate my birthday this year on the very first day of Ramadhan, which is totally new to me (well, at least as far as I can remember). I feel so blessed because of it and can't stop thanking Allah S.W.T. for that precious gift i've ever had. 

I learnt a lot from life as 22 years old woman, and I do believe I will get even more this year. Twenty three, i guess, is the number of being more mature that yesterday and i believe, will be as amazing as twenty two. Bismillah.

Anyway, please forgive all the mistakes that i've made during my blogging time and have a great Holy Month! 

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