Monday, December 30, 2013

Fashion Addiction: Illest

I can't handle my self to write again, i think the last post isn't the last one for 2013 :p

"I" is for the way these beezies love how I bang,

And "double L" is for the way I blow that smoke in ya face,

We roll on "E's" and we be easy rollin that bank,

And "ST" is for the Illest shit we rep every day

Instantly got an inspiration to make an outfit-mix-n-match based on the music video. Thanks for Prohgress and Lil Debbie for those inspiration. I am wearing F21 black tee, unbranded nude chiffon shirt, H&M printed legging, mom's suspender, triangle necklace by F21, long necklace by blink!, and shoes....i wear nothin :p . Anyway, even tho' it's kinda hard to get the big size, you still can found some of them on F21 store and H&M store in Jakarta. Just use your hawk eye ;)

Before we start, i think you should watch the video first, so you won't get lost. 

feeling so mother fucking ill! 

pardon my messy room

As you see, my legging is coming from H&M, the size is XL...i guess. It's fits for me who has No. 38 for pants and the black tee is coming from F21, note it...note F21+ because they don't have it in Indonesia. And yes, you can get any cool stuff from those shop...use your eye and fight for it ;) Don't forget to try them before you go to the cashier.