Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Not His Story: She V.2.1

This is my description of June:
Summer, Sunny Day, Holiday, Sleeping, Birthday, Wishes, Sweat

My favorite month in a year, simply because of my description. Especially the birthday part, i'm a year older than last year! When I was a kid, birthday for me is like surprise, lot of wishes, present, favorite cake, and that's all. But since last year, when I turned 20, birthday is more than that. Getting older means we have to be wiser than a day before our birthday, we have to do something better than yesterday, we have to be more focus to our life goal, and we have to be more grateful. 

Cake by Cheese Cake Factory (that i brought in my own container), candle by friend

For the last one year, i feel blessed. My insecurity about going to college or meeting new people just like disappearing from my life. I feel more confidence, especially since i have a gut to post my #ootd on social media. I mean, i don't really care about my physical appearance, as long as I enjoy my life and do my best, people will stop judging about my look and focus on another thing in my life. I feel more creative, much much better that when I was 19 years old. I feel different. 

To be honest, I am so grateful to have a life like today, with my family, friend, boyfriend, frienemy around...i feel so alive. And I keep hoping that I will keep doing better and better each day. 

Before I end this post and thinking what should i do on the next post, I wanna say thank you for the presents my dearest people xoxo

Earpod from my boyfriend! Much better than a ring :D

Agents of SHIELD iPhone Case from Dyah. And as a celebration, we watch Maleficent on 4DX

actually not a birthday gift, it's a present from a quiz on twitter by Creative Disc

Purple shawl from Nadya, and others from my aunt :)
cute stationary from Sindi

See ya next year, June 6th!