Sunday, June 29, 2014

Not His Story: Summer break with Ready-Made-Friends

 “God made us cousins, because he knew our moms couldn’t handle us as sisters (and brothers).”

Cousins from my father's side: FULL TEAM

As the only one kid in my family, I don't really know how to grow up with someone else except with my parents. But, since I have a lot of cousins from both side, I can get another experience and fun with people other than my mom & dad. I have 8 cousins from my father's side, and 13 from my mom's. From 22 cousins that I have, I'm very close to Dyah, my cousin from father's side (she's my dad's older brother's second daughter). She was born in 1994 and we live in the same neighborhood since we were very young. We went to same school (she's my junior) for 12 years and long time ago, when my maid back to her hometown, I always go to her home, play together, until my mom pick me up. No wonder, we're close until today (and forever, d'oh!). She's my partner in crime for gossiping, watching movie, and spending our saturday night with sleep over on our grandparent's home & run during Car Free Day on Sunday morning.

Early June, my other cousins (still from my father's side), Marsha, came back to Jakarta from Shanghai to do some university test. I'm not really close but since we have social media (twitter, instagram, and path) we know how each other life everyday and make us closer. Last tuesday, we went to Kota Tua and Monas just because she and her brother haven't been there (fun fact: They had lived in Jakarta before!). 

My father's family LOVES swimming, we grow up to love this kind of sport. So, after a suggestion from my aunt, I arranged a cousin day out yesterday, exactly a day before Ramadhan. It was superb fun!! We began our day out by swimming in Cilandak Sport Center, South Jakarta. Six of us (Me, Dyah, Marsha, Dio (marsha's brother), Priska (my other cousins), and Nisya (Priska's sister)) swam for about 2 hours. Not only swimming in the pool, we also do crazy thing like underwater selfie (yes, WE ALL LOVE SELFIE, except the only guy :p), hunchback each other in the pool and talk like crazy. I haven't got this experience before, so I'm very happy that we did it all. After swimming, we had lunch in Billie Chick, Cilandak Town Square, South Jakarta (less than 3 min walk from the sport center) with our aunt (Marsha&Dio's mom) and our uncle (Priska&Nisya's father). Then, my aunt took a picture of us to make our other cousins jealous, LOL. 

After lunch, we drove to Grand Indonesia to experience Transformers: Age of Extinction in 4DX3D. Unfortunately, the tickets already SOLD OUT and will be available on next Tuesday (CRAZY!). So, we decided to watch it on 3D. After such a long time waiting, we got 6 tickets for Transformers on 17.20 WIB, yayness!. While waiting until 17.20, we tried the hippest place for nitro gelato in Grand Indonesia named RON'S LABORATORY. It located on 5th floor (just use the escalator from 8th floor) West Mall of Grand Indonesia. We ordered 3 kind of gelato: Red Velvet (with double injection of cheese), Chocolate Windproof (gelato with Tolak Angin & an injection of chocolate), and Bubble Gum (with PUYO puding & injection of strawberry jam). 

Each cup cost us around 60.000IDR (except the Bubble gum, it's 50.000IDR) and each injection cost us 8000IDR (I think you can ask for no injection, especially the red velvet because it already has cheese injection). We spent, totally almost 200.000IDR. Quite expensive but it made using nitrogen, the liquid one. The place also cozy and you can see the creation of the gelato while waiting. The most important thing, I spent my quality time with my family..PRICELESS!

Don't forget to take selfie! Unfortunately, we forgot to bring our monopod :(

After movie, we went to our grandparent's house and ate Sate Sambas for late dinner. 

I love yesterday because I spent my time with people that God creates as my other friend...friend by blood. I'm looking for another chance to go somewhere with my cousin (from both side!). Next plan is going to Yogyakarta with Marsha and Priska on excited!!

Anyway, Happy Ramadhan! See ya on the next post :)