Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Not His Story: The Old City

I've been to this place for few times, but I think yesterday was my first in 2014. The change of this place wasn't much since my last visit on 2013. I personally love this place, the vintage aura always be the reason for me to keep coming back. And don't forget, the culinary! Kerak Telor is the other reason for me to visit this beautiful place, LOL.

Kota Tua Jakarta, Tuesday June 24 2014

So, It's such an easy peasy to visit this beautiful place. You can reach it using your own vehicle or the easiest (and for me, the most fun thing) using public transportation such as Trans Jakarta or KA Commuter JABODETABEK. By Trans Jakarta, you need to stop on KOTA bus stop (Corridor 1). And if you use the Commuter, you have to stop on JAKARTA KOTA station. Then, you can walk on the underground way to Museum Fatahillah (the underground way will bring you to the Bank Mandiri Museum, and then you can walk to north and found Kota Tua).

Commuter Line Route

Trans Jakarta Corridors

I recommend you to visit Kota Tua area first before visiting my favorite museum, Bank Indonesia Museum. It located next to Kota Tua and it's a modern museum. No entering fee, it's all free, and you'll get a ticket (it's free, you'll get the ticket..sounds great huh?! especially if you love scrapbook-ing). Anyway, don't forget to keep your bag to the front desk, you're allowed to bring camera, phone, and your wallet. In the museum, you can see the history of banking in Indonesia since the first time European touch the land. 

In Kota Tua area, you may enjoy the view or visiting some museums (Fatahillah and Puppet Museum). If you have your student card, don't forget to show it when you buy the ticket because you can get a cheaper price! (Student for 2000IDR  and College Student for 3000IDR instead of 5000IDR each)

Fatahillah museum used to be the colonial government building. It located on near the harbor to facilitate the people from Netherland to visit Jakarta (Batavia at that time) and monitoring the people. The point behind the making of the Kota Tua area by the Netherlander to block Batavia from their enemy, since Batavia was very close to the sea. Then, the Puppet Museum was the church. If you visit this place, you will found a small garden with the written wall. It used to be the cemetery but all moved from that place and now, that's what we called Puppet Museum.

One thing that i found different yesterday was Fatahillah Museum, the icon of Kota Tua. Last year, after bought the ticket, we can go everywhere inside the museum with our own shoes. But now, you need to change your shoes with the hotel sandal. And you can't go anywhere you want, there's a specific way to enjoy this place. Too bad, i think the museum isn't completed yet with the collection. I found lot of room seems so empty. Not good at all actually.

Anyway, beside of the museums, you need to taste some delicious and also famous foods from Jakarta and all around Indonesia. You can found Chicken Noodle (Mie Ayam), Ketoprak, Gado-gado, Batagor, Siomay, Tahu Gejrot, Rujak, Bakso, and my all time favorite: Kerak Telor. For my favorite, there are two seller in Kota Tua area, one in the backyard of Fatahillah Museum and the other one located near the Ceramics Museum. I like them both but i prefer the one in the backyard for some reason. For the price, kerak telor with duck egg is 20.000IDR (recommended!) and with chicken egg is 15.000IDR.

Kota Tua is the perfect place to throwback to the years before Indonesia is independent. You can take A LOT of cool picture for your instagram, enjoying the ride with old bicycle for 20.000IDR/30min, or taking picture with some unique peoples for any price!

Now, it's your turn to visit and enjoy it. I hope you'll get a great day!!