Thursday, July 10, 2014

Not His Story: Being Happy for 100 Days? COMPLETED!

At first i'm not sure to follow this challenge. Then, I re-read the information from the website,

 So, I dare myself to post 100 pictures of the thing that makes me happy for 100 days on instagram (you can choose between using Twitter/Facebook/Blog/Email/Instagram). It seems sound easy, but the commitment to do this stuff isn't as easy as you thought. But in search of happiness, i'm willing to do this! Countdown from 100 to 01, and let's go!

The very first post of #100HappyDays

 If you're done with 100 photos of your happy days, you will see that there're lot of things in our life that could make us happy, even in a bad day. And to be honest, it makes me more grateful with my life.

Anyway, you can also DONATE to create another person's happiness by making your own merchandise with your favorite pictures of #100HappyDays starts from 15 USD and they deliver WORLDWIDE! Seems cool huh?

Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open.-John Barrymore