Monday, May 16, 2016

Fashion Addiction: Pin, Patch, Pleasure

I still remember the time when i got addicted with pins. During my junior high school time, i put a lot of pins on my bag to make it looked cool. I lost some of my favorite pin like my Bubble's face pin that i got for free. Lately, pin and patch are on the spotlight. It totally looks rad on denim, or in my every place that I want. My addiction with patch started when I saw Ucita Pohan's photo on her instagram. I saw some patches that so kawaii! And my favorite thing about those patches is I can put it everywhere! I don't have to sew it (since I'm quite bad about it), i just have to stick it in any place that I want. I put my first patch that I bought from Gogirl! Magazine Bazaar on my laptop and if I get bored, i just peel it and put it on the other place. The patches trend, i guess, made a come back after Anya Hindmarch Sticker Collection. The original sticker is actually quite pricey, so the patches that i usually bought are the alternative for you to get that similar look. 

Right now, there's a lot of online shop that offering some cool patches that you can sew/iron/stick on your clothes (and any other surface). My favorite shop, on Instagram, for patches is iPatch ( The price range is 40.000IDR (for alphabeth series) to 50.000IDR (for other series). You can get their patches online (minimum 2 pcs) and offline. There's another sticker patch shop that I like (but still have no money to shop :p) named Patch Me Please and Stick Me On. If you like to sew 'em up (and customized it with your own design), you can find a lot online shop on Instagram with lower price (start from 15.000IDR). For pins, especially enamel pins, you can find 'em on Pinfolks (@pinfo_lks). The enamel pin started from 50.000IDR. They have 4 kind of pins: brooch, pairing pin (which is actually my favorite because of the price deal), collar pin, and kilt pin. Beside pin, they also sell necklace. The pin and patch shops that I recommend in this post are local shop, so much cheaper and easier to buy.

Anyway, if you have read my previous post, I went to artotel for free one night stay and did a little photo shoot on the BART during the day for my Instagram and Blog. I took these photos at 10 AM and i was sweating like crazy! I was so relieved that the sweat did not really ruin my look hahaha. I learnt that the best light comes from the sun, so yeah if anyone wants to take a cool photo, especially OOTD kind of photo, do it in the morning or in the afternoon (around 3.30 PM). Thanks for Ucita Pohan for the suggestion <3. I actually brought an outfit for the OOTD photoshoot that I planned to take on the saturday afternoon. Because of my health condition, i had to forget it. This look actually kinda unplanned but I feel so satisfied with the end result.

Anyway, if you pay attention to the clutch, there are several patches and pins that I add to make it more merrier. I sew the eyes, peace sign, star patches (they comes with the clutch, thanks to Gogirl Magazine!), and Indonesian flag (My mom bought this for my yellow jacket) patches by my self. The 'N' and Nerdy pin are from my pin addiction back in early 2000s. If you ever went to Cilandak Town Square at that time, i guess you remember there's a booth, named Fun Badges, that sell lot of pin and you can also made your own pin from them. That shop really satisfied my pin addiction at that time. Still wondering where are they now?.  For the 'N'  and 'Coffee' patches, I got them from iPatch.

Unbranded top | Grey Jegging by Dauki | Blue Running Shoes by Reebok | Clutch by Gogirl! Magazine | Gaga Pin by Pinfolks

Roll up your pants to get cooler look

that drunken fierce look...

Clutch Detail

Lady Gaga Pin by Pinfolks

From Where I Stand