Saturday, July 8, 2017

7 Body Positive Quotes from Ashley Graham that will Boost your Confidence

The right book to read in order to have #bodypositive vibe in you

Finally! After two weeks, I finished Ashley Graham's Autobiography, 'A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty & Power Really Look Like', that I got as my 24th birthday present from my boyfriend (thanks dear <3). Final thought on this book? It's a must have & must read book for those who need some injections of body positive vibe, for those who easily feel insecure for their appearance, for those who simply adore her as a human being. Every time i turn the page and read every words from her, I feel like she's really talking to me and understand me very well. Some of her life events feel so related with my life and super duper inspiring. She's not only talking about body image issue, but she's also talking about her passion, her career, her family, and her love life. So interesting to read.

For those who don't know Ashley Graham, well....she's a model from USA who 'break' the barrier in fashion industry for her look. You can see her in the cover of Vogue with Gigi Hadid & Kendall Jenner, the cover of Sports Illustration, and in the DNCE's Toothbrush music video. She's also one of my role models & inspiration when it comes to self-love and body confidence.

As I told you before, her story that she shared on her book is super duper inspiring and she put a lot of great messages, that I believe, could help you to be more confident with yourself. So, I pick seven, out of tons, quotes from the book that will boost your confidence and make you love yourself more than before (with bonus of Ashley Graham gif :p)

Here you go!

1. ".....when I was positive about myself, it made others feel better about themselves"

2. "Vulnerability isn't a sin, and everyone is entitled to his/her feelings.....although I didn't start out liking my cellulite or stretch marks, I faked it until eventually it felt real"

3. "If there is something about you that you like, show it off - that's my motto. If you think you look good, others will, too."

4. "Don't fall into the trap of sacrificing your self-esteem for affection and acceptance. No matter what your size, you are sexy goddess. Remember that"

5. "The shape of your body doesn't have anything to do with how fun you are, and if anyone thinks otherwise, they aren't worth hanging out with"

6. "Nobody, not even the most talented designer or stylist, knows your body better than you."

7. "(on Beauty Beyond Size) Your size does not define your beauty - and in that way, the message goes beyond your body measurements to be a metaphor for all other meaningless and superficial limitations."

I hope with all those body positive quote, you can feel better about yourself and ready to kick the bad vibes away!