Friday, August 16, 2013

Being Plus-Size Woman: Beat the Bully

People will always try to break you down. They may not mean it, but we will always think about it. It's human nature.

The only key to survive is just put your best smile and walk like a champion


You Are

Some people may not realize that there's a bully in them. Everybody has the potential to be a bully. In my religion, being nice is something important and I guess, every religion teach the same way, right?!

I have some experience about being a bully and also being bullied. 

I am a girl with plus size body type. I have to work harder to get good clothes that fit with me. I have to deal with what people say about me: FAT. It's hurt, actually, because I am different with most people around me. My mom also a plus size too, but my life isn't only at home. Since elementary school, some boys call me fat. I dont give a damn about it because i don't care. But when I grow older, I am getting tired of being called FAT. Unfortunately, I don't have a strong commitment to work out to reduce my weight. It's just come and go like the wind. I prefer to do something more important than my health, let's say virtual life and real life assignment. I am a perfectionist and I will try my best to make no mistake for my work. Once again, unfortunately, I don't give my best shot if it comes to my body. 

I try to cover my speciality by not cutting my hair. I let it grow so it can cover my chubby face. But, I am not that kind of girl who love long hair. I would love to have it, but for this moment, it's just not me. 

Lately, I have another passion in fashion.  I have a dream to be a fashion blogger for plus size, so everyone who has the body like me can be more confidence to dress up and also by being a fashion blogger, I wish my confidence can be increase. I would love to inspired people by what I do for life. So, I try to mix and match the clothes that i have so it looks proper without being afraid to look different. I am still trying my best for my new passion. I wish one day it will paid off, Aamiin. 

Making that dream come true isn't easy. I got some comment about my body size. I was almost cried because it came from my closest people. It's hurt...very hurt..I feel like I don't get the support that I needed. It took a minute for me to realize that...maybe they don't really mean it. They just say it as a joke. Eventhough it's hurt. So i put my smile back on my face and just being funny to them and BAM! They don't say any word to me. 

After that moment, I realize something............the feel of someone who has been bullied by people...maybe including me. 

Having an authority can bring the bully inside of our body out for a moment. Being kinda mean to others because we're more powerful than others. It feels nice for while...until something bad happened to you. People who get bullied can be a bully one day....because they want others to feel what they had before. But if it's happened, bullying can be a devil's circle in life, it won't stop until you decide to go out or decide to never start it. 

It's important for everyone who has been bullied but friends/family in real or virtual life, to be a smart person. You have to be stronger than them. It's hard at the first time but in the end, you will be very proud of yourself. It's uncountable number of bullying victim just because they don't have someone to talk to. Be brave! talk to someone. Family is the first place that you can choose. By doing that, you can beat the bully! 

Positive mind is very important to be strong. Take your time to think clearly, by taking time i mean stay away from social life for a moment (don't take too long dear), breathe, say a good word to motivate you, and talk to others about it. Sharing is caring, right?!

Your smile, means death to the bully. Don't be afraid to put the smile on your face :)

I believe, by doing that you can beat the bully in you. Simple, because you know how it feels to be bullied. 

Have a great time! and Good Luck