Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Not His Story: Traveling or Working?

It's an ADDICTRIP - Nila Nuswantari, Anthropology Student

For my assignment, me and 4 other friends decided to visit Pari Island, one of the beautiful islands in Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta, Indonesia. For Tourism Anthropology, we picked that island because it's matched with our theme: Nature. At first, there were some places that we want to visit: Tunda Island, Green Canyon, and Bali. But because of the timing, we picked Pari Island and to be honest, there's no regret!
View from our boat @ Muara Angke Harbor

The view from our Home Stay

Since none of us ever visited Pari Island, we tried to join a open trip that provided by Like This Adventure. We knew that travel organizer from TripTrus.com, an open trip website in Indonesia. We booked the last 5 seats for the trip and paid 330.000IDR. All include transportation from Muara Angke Harbor - Pari Island - Muara Angke Harbor, homestay with air conditioner, snorkeling equipment, insurance, Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner, and much more. We stayed for 2 days and 1 night. 

We left the harbor at 8 AM, one hour late from schedule, and arrived two hours latter. When we arrived, we made a big circle and introduced ourself to the other people who also joined the trip. There're 16 of us and 4 crew from Like This Adventure, an travel organizer built by Tubagus Sobar since 2013. Because of the delay, after put our bags in our room, we had lunch together on the homestay. We saw the sea during our lunch and we also had Cuttlefish for our lunch and the taste was DELICIOUS! On 1 PM, we walked to the dock and went to our snorkeling spots. The first spot was Pulau Tikus and the second (also the last) was Pulau Tengah. My snorkeling experience started on Pulau Tikus at that time. The wave is quite big and made some scratches on my foot because I hit some coral. Wearing life jacket could be so uncomfortable during that moment, because i can't move! So i decided to take it off on the second spot and no regret at all! I enjoy my second time but still have to get used to with the google since it's mine. I would do anything to add another experience for snorkeling! 
addicted to to this thing! 

From Like This Adventure's Documentation

From Like This Adventure's Documentation

Tired with snorkeling, we went back to homestay and enjoy the great time also the great view. Then, we bike to see the sunset. Unfortunately, the cloud overshadow the sun, so all we can see was the beautiful sunset's light. 
Sunset @ Pantai LIPI

Lanterns are ready to fly away!

I was so tired because of snorkeling and biking, so after took a shower, i slept for a while before dinner. Turned out, it's raining outside so we can't have some games that the travel organizer planned before.After dinner, we walked to Pantai Perawan to celebrate the night by create the lantern and flew it away to the sky with our wishes. It was one of my best moment on that island. Then, we went to our home-stay and sleep.

Too bad, it was raining on the next day, so all of us couldn't see the sunrise. On 10 AM, we went to the beach again and took some photos and interviewed our local guide for our assignment. He told us about a myth in Pantai Perawan and also the life in Pulau Pari. Well, it's pretty useful for our presentation.

Pantai Perawan!

Before went back to Jakarta, I bought some accessories such as necklace and bracelet made by them and also some, imported from Bali..whew..

I told my friends and family about my trip and they keep asking, am I do that for fun or for academic purposes? Well, that's the life of anthropology student. You can go to a place to enjoy the scenery also to gather information for your academic life. I am looking for another opportunity like this, soon.