Thursday, January 8, 2015

Being Plus-Size Woman: Seeing The World Through Plus-Size Woman Perspective

Hi, dearest reader! (if there's any out there...)

Before I start writing unnecessary thing, let me say:

Well, I think this months is the perfect month for me to re-arrange my blog, creating another concept for me so I won't write trashy thing in my blog (here, I admit it). And then, during my private time in the bathroom, I got an idea about bring a new concept for my blog. If you follow me on some of my social media account such as Path and Instagram, you may found how grateful I am to be a plus size young-adult. Even in previous concept of this blog, I made a statement by telling you some plus-size fashion ideas through photos (which only last for few post). Yes, it related about my life..for more spesific: I'm going to tell you, my dearest reader, about living the life as a plus-size woman. It will relate with lifestyle issue, lil bit of fashion tips, and also how to see the life (in this case, my everyday life) through my eyes. Maybe it will be boring, but, at least I try to give you another perspective to see life :D

I also got an idea from one of my favorite youtube channel, SUPERFRUIT by Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying from Pentatonix (current addiction, yes!) to make a section in my weekly post (yes, I'm going to make this blog as a weekly ones), about my weekly obsession. It will be located under my latest post, so I hope you won't miss any of it. 

Still from SUPERFRUIT, every month i'm going to tell you my suggestion about song to sing or video to watch on youtube. Seems fun, right?

I hope you're going to enjoy blog-walking to my page and DO NOT FORGET to show your own opinion in each post's comment section!