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Not His Story: Having a Blast in South Sentul

Located in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, Sentul has been the new place for people who live in Jakarta to have some fun. People know this place probably because there's a race circuit in that location. Well, i'm not going to tell you about my time visiting that circuit (in fact, i haven't been there). Some of my friends already visited a theme park named JUNGLELAND, located in South Sentul, which became famous because it almost look like Universal Studios in Singapore. And they said, beside Jungleland, I also need to visit a floating restaurant named Ah-Poong which located next to South Sentul Exit.

And here's my review
Famous USS-Look-alike Globe

Lately, i've been close to my cousins from my dad's side, probably because we're live closely and born in such a close year (93-94-96). And don't forget, the social media bring us closer. So, on Ied Mubarak's 2nd day, we decided to visit Jungleland and Ah-poong on Friday, August 8th. Then, i visited Jungleland's website to see the admission ticket price and promo. More than lucky, i found out that BCA FLAZZ will give the owner of the card 35% off on peak season& weekend, and 45% off on weekdays. Since the August 8th is still on the peak season, so we only got 35%. The normal ticket is 200.000IDR each and because of the discount, we only paid for 130.000IDR each. That promo only valid for 6 ticket in one FLAZZ card. Not only got the discount, we also got 20% off voucher for THE JUNGLE (water park) and free admission to JUNGLE FEST. 

The gate open at 10.00AM, and we're too early for that. We arrived at 9.00AM (only took 1 hour from Lebak Bulus to Sentul! wew!!), so we walked around and found an open cafe and decided to have kind of breakfast. Me and my cousin, Odi, bought green tea (16.000IDR/glass, pricey..i know), Dyah bought a french fries with cheese and Priska bought Oreo Milkshake.At least we have a place to chit chat and took pictures with my monopod. At 10.00AM we walked to the ticket box and bought 4 tickets (130.000IDRx4=520.000IDR with FLAZZ BCA). When you enter the gate, your ticket (i do love the ticket!)will be scanned and you'll meet some photographers. They'll took the picture of you and give you a ticket. You can exchange the ticket with your photo, but you have to pay for it (90.000IDR for small picture, 100.000 for bigger picture. You can also make a key-chain with your photo or buy the CD of all of your photos in Jungleland for 300.000IDR...too pricey!!). Didn't want to loose a moment, I asked the photographer to take the picture of us using my Fujifilm Instax 8s, the result wasn't disappointed.

Instax Version

The park's photograper's version

The first thing on my mind was: where should I go?

the sign, for me isn't too helpful. I still get confused because there're a lot of empty lot in this place. I suggest you to go to the right side after you entered the gate. Then, you can enjoy some adrenaline-junkie-attraction on the CARNIVALIA section. In this place, you can found a haunted house named 'RUMAH JELANGKUNG' , DISK'O ( a spinning disc, which i love), DISCOVERY ( spinning pendulum, I would love to play with this attraction, but i just can't imagine it), AIR RACE (was in maintenance when I was there), BUMPER CAR, FERRIS WHEEL (love the view..but I prefer the FW on DUFAN), and DINO WORLD (the dino seems alive, but not really interesting. I believe they can do better). At that time, i didn't visit CARNIVALIA first, me and my cousin decided to visit TROPICALIA and try CURAM JERAM. Well, on CARNIVALIA, i tried DISK'O, BUMPER CAR, DINO WORLD, and FERRIS WHEEL (for two times!). On friday, the moeslim man could do Friday Pray on a Musholla, next to RUMAH JELANGKUNG (they'll announce it! Don't worry to miss it).

Ferris Wheel Selfie! EPIC!

Well, i pretty had good time on TROPICALIA. I do love the HARVEST TIME and AYUN AYUN. Those attraction help  me to be dry after a crazy, and my favorite, attraction. TROPICALIA basicly have a lot of kids attraction. Next to TROPICALIA is MYSTERIA. Actually, there are A LOT OF COOL ATTRACTION on this place, such as RARAFTINGAN (at that time, the river was receding), MEGA DROP, SNAKE COASTER...but all of them was still on maintenance huhuhu :"(. But, to add a lil mystery sparks, you can play the BOAT BLASTER! I highly suggest to play on that attraction at around 3PM because you'll meet random people to play with. It was great! And highly recommended. If you don't want to get wet..DO NOT TRY THIS ATTRACTION, EVER! We played on this attraction for 4 times. At first, was too early so our enemy was just the attraction's team. But on our 2nd to 4th time, we actually had a battle with other visitor and I got really really wet! They also sell a raincoat for 15.000IDR, but c'mon....!!
Ayun Ayun, edited using VSCOCAM & Afterlight on iOS

Ferris Wheel, edited using VSCOCAM & Afterlight on iOS

For lunch, you can go to 3 different resto in Jungleland. For Indonesian food, you can try the restaurant neer the CARNIVALIA. I bought Soto Mie for 35.000IDR and ES CAMPUR for 20.000IDR. The order method in this place is quite unique. Entering the food hall, you will get a card. Then, the food counter will give you a stamp. You eat the food first, and pay later by showing the card to the cashier. 
the food yard card


We finished our fun time on Jungleland at 4PM. That theme park was pretty hot because there're not a lot of tree. Here's some suggestion for you if you want to visit JUNGLELAND
  • Use sunscreen
  • Bring another clothes (top, bottom, underwear) and towel (the mini). And also a plastic bag
  • You still be able to bring your own food&drink, just make sure you put it on tupperware
  • dress properly...don't dress up like you're going to the mall..and i mean it (forget the heavy make up, dear lady)
  • If you decided to take public transportation, you can try APTB SENTUL-BLOK M
  • Bring your hat
  • Don't forget your camera. eventhough  you'll forget to take some cool pics, but please don't forget to take a selfie of you and update on your social media platform :p
Okay, after JUNGLELAND, we went to AH-POONG, a floating restaurant. The place was great and love the ambience. The restaurant is developed by EAT and EAT, so you need to buy a card. But don't worry, if the first money (when you buy the card) isn't enough, you can add more then. And when you're done, you can refund the money. 

I ate Wonton Noodle Combination (with chicken and duck) for 33.000IDR and mineral water for 6000IDR. Then I also tried the famous snow ice (watermelon&lychee ice) for 25.000IDR.
Wonton Noodle Combination

The Snow Ice

Don't forget the instax photo!

Behind the restaurant, you can have an experience to enjoy canoe ride for free! If you're generous, you can give some money to the boat man. Unfortunately, i didn't take that chance because it's too late and we're already tired. The river sounds make your dining experience feels priceless.

Well, I guess that's all of my experience on South Sentul. Before i say 'see ya', here's the direction to both place
  • AH-POONG: go to JAGORAWI highway to Bogor and take the 'SENTUL SELATAN' exit. Go left, on the roundabout go to right. The restaurant located in front of ANDALUSIA MOSQUE.
  • JUNGLELAND: go to JAGORAWI highway to Bogor and take the 'SENTUL SELATAN' exit. Go left and follow the Jungleland direction (the sign is very clear! and you can follow it)

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